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desktop and mobile computing

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Basic Information (ISG)

Desktop and Mobile Computing from ISG


All requests for desktop or laptop computers have to be authorized by the the head of the group and/or the assistant. For the actual order just send a ticket to describing the hardware as exact as possible (if you already know where to get it - provide the article number(s) or link(s) together with Leitzahl and Fond number the money will come from).

Network cable connection

make sure your connect your network cables to the wall plugs (UTPs) that are labelled with a small yellow dot. These UTPs are permanently connected, even if not used for some time. All other UTPs can be used but may need a reconfiguration that can only be done by the ETH network group and this may take some time (days). If you need to use one of the unlabelled UTPs then please open a ticket with the Room and UTP number you are going to use.


Select your operation system

Before you can use your Workstation, you have to chose which operating system you want to use. Basically there are three possible ways you can go:

  1. Nobody will prevent you from installing whatever weird operation system you like to use, so go ahead. Off course there also is nobody who will support your self installed system either.
  2. You may use the PXE/network installer to install one of the available ubuntu versions.
  3. use the ISG supported operation systems. Please check there for more Information about support etc..The following systems are available:
    • Windows 7
    • windows 8
    • windows 10
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux
    • Fedora Linux
    • Xubuntu (experimental, no dualboot)

The Options can be combined to have an supported windows installation together with an unsupported linux installation. To do so, the windows installation has to be done first and the linux installtion must not use the first partition of the disk (see below).

Install your operation system

Installation Status

the current status of the ISG windows installation can be viewed here:

Remove/Delete the dualboot linux partitions under Windows

An IVC workstation usually comes as dualboot windows 7 / redhat 6 installation with 256GB assigned to the Windows partition. All other Partitions are used by the Redhat Installation. If you do not need the Linux Installation you may free the used diskspace by executing the following steps:


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