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purchasing and repairs


Any kind of Hardware has to be ordered according to ETH rules, see Purchasing and Repairs.

Basically you'd go through the following steps

  • write a ticket to announce your needs or get advice
  • talk to your group administrator or professor to get the permission for the purchase
  • talk to your group administrator to get the account data the purchase has to be payed from; you'll recieve a so called Fonds number and a Leitzahl that is used within ETH for transactions.
  • select the hardware you'd like to purchase, preferrable from an ETH approved store like brack.ch digitec.ch, otherwise you need to find a store that does business on account (no in advance payment or credit card).
  • if the costs are higher than CHF 1000.- try to get an official offer.
  • send all this information (account data, links, offers etc) to ivc-support@inf.ethz.ch


see Purchasing and Repairs.

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