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The print server for the department is managed by ISG and if you are using one of their systems or have installed your printer as described below you should have a look under


for more info.

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ISG info on student printing

This is relevant to all groups who have (or will have) one or more of the new Nashuatec printers that we are rolling out. ITS has made an unannounced change that affects how students in your group can print to those printers.

Students can still only use the old VPP printers and are unknown on the new 'PIA' print server. This will change next year though. In the mean time the official way to give a student access to these printers (e.g., whan doing a Master thesis) is to transfer a small amount of credit to their prepaid print account. This is done as follows:

  1. Open http://print.ethz.ch in a browser, log in and choose 'Transfer' on the left side.
  2. Choose the amount to transfer and the nethz login name of the student.

This can be done by any professor, staff member or researcher. We suggest that the supervisor of the student in your group initially gives CHF 5.- which is enough for 500 b/w pages (250 - 330 once paper is included in the price). Please note:

  • Both push and pull printing work as long as the student has a positive balance on the account.
  • You cannot get the money back from the student so only give small amounts.
  • The transferred amount is charged to the cost center of the user who gives the amount.

More detailed instructions can also be found at http://www.isg.inf.ethz.ch/ServicesPrintingStudents.

Please forward this information (or the above link) to your group. In case of questions, please contact Martin Sedler (msedler at inf.ethz.ch).

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