IVC Support

E-Mail: ivc-support@inf.ethz.ch

IVC printing hints

printer info and support

* printing support is available by the ETH print service,
just send a request to servicedesk@id.ethz.ch.

used toner

  • Used Toner cartrigdes and other supplies should be marked as "Leerer Toner – Büromaterial" and placed at the nearest ETH Post office.

scan to email

for the scan to email function to work you need to setup an entry in the printers address database (please sent all complaints about why this is necessary to the support address above). This is done by
  1. press the User Tools/Counter key (Button 10 on the printers panel)
  2. select Adress Book Mangmnt in the Tools Menu
  3. create a new Adress Book Entry with New Program*
    using your NETHZ account name as *Name
    and Displayname is recommended.
  4. make sure you've confirmed/saved all changes
  5. exit the menu and test the settings

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