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user accounts etc.

IVC Support


nethz accounts

In order to use any network based services at the Institute a so called nethz account is required. This account will be created by human resources for all students and employees and can be configured with

wireless networks

To connect via wireless please check the following sites

access to ETH internal services via VPN

To access ETH internal services (Library,Printing,..) you need an IP number from the official ETH IP range. Unfortunatly the ETH is a little confused about which IP ranges are considered as ETH internal, so in case you have a wireless connection and experience that some services do not work anymore (or start working suddenly) - use VPN to make sure. See the followng link for more

HPC/cluster access

To get access to sisyphus please send a ticket to stating your name, NETHZid and a short description of your project

net access without nethz accounts

Network access can be granted to anybody who brings her own computer. To do so the following information has to be sent to
  Group (CGL/CVG/IGL)
  Office Location
  Start Date 
  End Date
  First Name
  Last Name
  Mac-Address of the ethernet interface (not wireless)

guest accounts

Every user can setup guest accounts for short stays on With these accounts your guest has WLAN and VPN access within ETHZ but they are only valid 3 days (extension possible).

guest accounts for longer stays

For guest that will stay for a longer period or may require additional services you have to write a request to and give the following data to setup an account.
  Group (CGL/CVG/IGL)
  Office Location
  Start Date 
  End Date
  First Name
  Last Name
  Day of Birth
You should also add any special services the user may need (special hardware,software,etc) and maybe the mac-address of the guests computer (see above).

As ISG/ID are involved here this request will take two working days at least


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