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master thesis lab (CAB/E/81)

master thesis lab

the master thesis lab is located in CAB/E/81 and administrated by the Department Informtik Service Group ISG D-INK. Please direct any questions to support@inf.ethz.ch

bookings for the master student's lab (CAB/E/81)

Usually all Master Students will be placed in the master student lab of the department in CAB/E/81, see http://labs.inf.ethz.ch. After sucessfull registration all further information will be passed via email by the ISG registration tool and further support is handled directly by ISG.

  • please note that desks in this room are limited to real master students that actually need a computer only. Students with special contracts or interships need to request for a desk in cnb labs or at a standard workplace within the group.
  • The Department also has decided that these workplaces have to be used in person - this means the student MUST actually sit there and work at the machine, remote login is not enough. This may be enforced and violations will have consequences.

booking procedure for ivc staff members

For the booking please send a ticket to ivc-support@inf.ethz.ch or your groups ITC containing the following information:
and and access to any of the lab spaces above the following set of information is required:

  • The applicants full name and NETHZ ID.
    NOTE: the NETHZ ID is NOT the email address or the full name of a person, it is the account name that every ETHZ member
    has been given to login to ETHZ services. It is required to identify a person within ETHZ. If you don't know it then you have to request it from your student.
  • The supervisor's full name and NETHZ ID(see above).
  • The prefeerred reservation time (start and end date). This might change according to the actual occupation of the lab.
  • The applicant's preferred operation system.
  • A short description of the thesis or project.
  • Please send ONE Request/Ticket per each Reservation
  • there is zero priority for incomplete requests

booking procedure for ITCs

For the reservation of a master students workplace in the department master thesis lab please start here(ITC only).

booking extension

  • Extendings the reservation of a workplace is not possible (see new rules). please contact ISG via email support@inf.ethz.ch or at the service desk to discuss special arrangem ents.

  • Please make sure to do this before the reservation runs out ! Otherwise the system may get completely wiped without further notice.

booking status

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